Into the burrow


Written by the pioneer naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton at the beginning of the 20th century, the story of Cucumin tells the story of a little rabbit who is left alone in his burrow, because his mother has gone out to look for food. During the wait, animals from the outside come to play with him, but he never goes out with them... Until he hears a sound that he doesn’t know, and that attracts him to the point of not being able to resist the desire to go out.
The noise is a snake’s crawl, which attacks the little rabbit. Fortunately, his mother arrives and the snake escapes.
In the world there are dangers, it’s true, but nothing will happen to Cucumin, because there are many other good things. In our version, in addition to his mother, his friends will also help him to scare away the snake.


Jordi Farrés
Pep Farrés
Jordi Palet


Jordi Farrés i Pep Farrés


Jordi Palet


Nidia Tusal


Farrés Brothers i Cia
Glòria Arrufat


Arian Botey


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