Voyage voyage in the maravillas


A static journey in an aerostatic balloon.
A show to navigate the world outside, carried away by air and imagination.

Two illuminated scientists have discovered a new way to travel and today exposed a group of passengers. After much work and effort are heart to show us his great evolution in transport: Static Globe. Globe Static travels through space, close to the limits of reality, allowing to go to places that until now nobody suspected existed. The trip promises to be gentle and poetic, but more of a setback can arise that force passengers to join the crew.


The Farrés Bros and Co. took hold of a hot air balloon and transformed it into a theatrical experience. Jordi Enrich’s project IGLOOS OF THE WIND, which seeks a second life for hot air balloons fallen into disuse, opened up entirely new theatrical terrain for the company to explore. The irresistible attraction of the material has allowed them to embark
on an adventure into the unknown, perhaps without return. Will you accompany them?


Jordi Palet
Pep Farrés
Jordi Farrés


Jordi Palet i Puig


Jordi Farrés Pep Farrés


Jordi Palet i Puig

Set design and puppets

Jordi Enrich, Farrés brothers i cia, Alfred Casas


Jordi Riera


Jordi Llongueras


Sylvie Lorente
Collaborations: Ajuntament d’Igualada Ultramagic ( Iglú de vent (


Martí Artalejo


Jordi Riera



Original Language

Available in all languages

technical requirements

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Space Requirements

Site specific
Surface: 15 x 20 m.
Height: 5 m.

assembly time

4 h.

Time disassembly

2 h.